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Put your last name in ( ) at the end of your resource. The Resource Section is divided into several categories of information that pertains to the use of Technology in educational settings by children with and without disabilities. (Latosha Smith) Monthly guide to online resources for assistive technology. (Latosha Smith) T. R. E. Center in Albany, New York is the one stop resource for Assistive Technology & Universal Design for Learning. They provide information, training and other resources to enhance learning opportunities for individuals with or without disabilities through technology. (Latosha Smith) National public website that provides the latest products for assistive technology. (Latosha Smith) The ATA is a national network of community-based resource centers, product developers, vendors, service providers, and individuals. They provide information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and work to increase their use of technology. (Latosha Smith) ABLEDATA provides objective information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources. (LaKeisha) Helps parents learn more about assistive technology and how it can help their children. (LaKeisha) Information on assistive technologies, adaptive environments and community resources. (LaKeisha) Provides Assistive Technology Resources, consulting engineers providing assistive technology devices, information and services. (LaKeisha) The ATA is a national network of community-based resource centers, product developers, vendors, service providers, and individuals. We provide information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and work to increase their use of technology.(LaKeisha) (Fryar) (Fryar) (Fryar) (Fryar) (Fryar)
This is the website for a company that provides assistive technology materials and solutions. (Loftus)
This is to the website for Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It provides links to resources. (Loftus)
This website has links to resources, including free software, ideas, and information. (Loftus)
This website from Ohio State has links to free software for people with disabilities. (Loftus)
This website provides news and product reviews. It also has links to free resources. (Loftus) (Rucker) (Rucker)
[] (Rucker) (Rucker) (Rucker)
Assistive Technology Tools Checklist for Elementary Teachers (Yvette Grenz)
Assistive and Adaptive Technology Examples and Links (Yvette Grenz)
Assistive Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities (Yvette Grenz)
Assistive Technology Success Stories (Yvette Grenz)
Assistive Technology: Strategies, Tools, Accommodations, and Resources (Yvette Grenz) (Parks) (Parks) (Parks) (Parks) (Parks)

Site for Parents (Kristin Rosi)
Assistive Tech Site(Kristin Rosi)
Site with Software for Autistic Children (Kristin Rosi)
Site with Strategies for Teachers using Assistive Technology (Kristin Rosi)
Site with Strategies and Resources for Assistive Tech (Kristin Rosi) (Myers) (Myers) (Myers) (Myers) (Myers)

These are the resources that I found online. Some are just webpages that link to other sources and several are supposed to be Texas specific.

[http://WWW.ATSTAR.ORG] (Wallace)

[] (Wallace)

[http://] (Wallace)

[] (Wallace)

[] (Wallace) Technology to Help Learn, Work Competitively & Live Independently. Connecting People w/Disabilities To Technology Tools This was helpful for a lot of areas but did find ways to modify lessons. interesting articles and research good article with links to other supportive websites
(Kelly Conner)
This site is full of great tips and strategies for using Augmentative Communication with children. Make sure to check out the Tips, Tricks, and Cheat Sheets as well as the Tip of the Month. Software setups and other products from Caroline Musselwhite and Julie Maro are available from this site. Explanation of Color Coding for picture communication symbols is at [desormeaux]
Selected Links on Autism Spectrum including articles and sites with practical strategies. (compiled by Linda J. Burkhart) [desormeaux]
This site contains a Cooperative Electronic Library of selected disability documents and resources. They also offer Designing an Accessible World with suggested guidelines for designing a wide variety of technologies for use by individuals with disabilities. There are also online searchable databases of assistive technology products as well as freeware and shareware to download. [desormeaux]
Web based bulletin board with postings on a variety of topics regarding children with special needs sponsored by Special Child Magazine, an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs. [desormeaux]
Web based bulletin board with postings on a variety of topics regarding children with special needs sponsored by Special Child Magazine, an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs. [desormeaux] (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson)

NCTM is a great organization to be apart of if you are a math teacher at any grade level. There online manipulatives are something you should check out. This is a great alternative to the pencil and paper seat work. NCTM online Manipulatives : Hillary Halford

The Family Center on Technology and disability:
Assistive technology for learning disabilities and ADHD:
A source for assistive technology information:
The Alliance for Technology Access:
Lots of AT websites listed: (Saralyn Miller)

Assistive technology in the classroom
Assistive technology |Cooper
Family Center on Technology and Disability
Assistive Technology | Cooper
Learning Disabilities online
Assistive technology | Cooper
Abledata-source for assistive technology
Assistive Technology | Cooper
Center for assistive technology
Assistive technology | Cooper

Free information and tutorials on assistive technology for students with disabilities in elementary grades
elementary assitive technology|Laura Stager

Crtiques of new technology for assistive technology
technology critiques|Laura Stager

Assitive technology primarily for hearing-impaired
Hearing Impaired|Laura Stager

A great source for assitive technology definitions
Technology definitions|Laura Stager

This web site has information on assisitve technology with links in the left margin that offer information on technology for individual disablilities.
Assistive technology|Laura Stager

This is website with links for speech, it offers resources for a teacher.
Assistive Technology Hillary Halford

This is a list of assistive learning technology.
Assistive technology Hillary Halford

This is a website with links and videos on assistive technology.
Assistive Technology Hillary Halford

This is a website from UCLA for Disabilities and Computing Programs.
Assistive Technology Hillary Halford

This is the website for New York Institute for Special Education
Assistive Technology/ Hillary Halford

Here is an article that describes the assistive technology available to children with autism and other learning disablities. (Jennifer Counce)

This article provides information of knowing how to choose the which technological assistance is best suited for your child depending on the disabilities he or she may have. (Jennifer Counce)

Here is a website that has an interview between a man and teachers that work with an alternative learning program. There is a blog that you can read and post comments about issues revolving around students with disabilities. (Jennifer Counce)

This is a family oriented guide that provides information on the available assistive technology. (Jennifer Counce)

Here is a website that offers different technological assistance for a variety of disabilities. There are also reviews on each of the devices. (Jennifer Counce)

This website gives information about different forms of assistive technologies that can be used in the classroom. (Jill Ledbetter)
This site gives an overview of technology used for assistance with an emphasis on literacy and some on math. (Jill Ledbetter)
This website is a toolbox for educators to integrate technology for students with mild disabilities.(Jill Ledbetter)
This website gives different information about assistive devices that can be used in the classroom. (Jill Ledbetter)
This site gives articles, suggestions, answers and recommendations for integrating technology into the classroom for assistance to learning disabilities. (Jill Ledbetter) (Melinda Lively) I liked the overview of all of the available products. The products are broken up into catagories like Hearing, Vision, Learning, and Assistive Living. (Melinda Lively) This is a good site for Special Needs/LD AT software. (Melinda Lively) From Apple, this site lists specific devices and software compatible with Mac Computers. The list focuses on AT for Hearing, Vision, and Speech. (Melinda Lively) This is unbelieveable hardware. Color me impressed that a device can recognize sight lines and compute without a keyboard or a mouse!! (Melinda Lively) I liked the idea of a family oriented AT organization. This website contains links to AT organizations, AT resources, and newsletters. It is also available in Spanish!

One of the special ed teachers in my field experience recommended the following websites (or resources, in the case of Intellitools) and says she uses them regularly with her students. My personal favorite is #1, Zacbrowser, which is for autistic students. Also, some of these websites aren't specifically for special ed; however, they prove that adapting general population resources for special ed students is definitely feasible. (Gaines Greer)
5) (McCown) (McCown) (McCown) (McCown) (McCown) (melinda kirk) (melinda kirk) (melinda kirk) (melinda kirk) (melinda kirk) (melinda kirk)

Here are some general AT resources: (Bianco) (Bianco) (Bianco)
As well as some that specialize in blindness (Bianco) (Bianco) (Bianco)

Here are some At resources for ESL students:
|ESL Monkeys (Matula)
|OWL for ESL (Matula)
|ESL about (Matula)
|using English (Matula)
|ESL Cafe (Matula)

I found the following resources in ELL article I found in T H E Journal (Lisa Cheyne). - Elementary activities in five different languages (Lisa Cheyne) - Multi language flashcards ranging from ABCs to emotions (Lisa Cheyne) - Multi language worksheets, songs. Also has links to teacher educations sights (Lisa Cheyne) - Network of ELL teachers to share best practices/tips (Lisa Cheyne) - ELL articles, on-line courses for teachers. Also includes a section on evaluating websites (Lisa Cheyne).

This website is the site for the "National Center for Technology Innovation" and this particular page has to do with AT.
(Jennifer Pace)
This website is the site for the "National Center for Learning Disabilities" and this particular page LD Basics and resources for LD and AT information.
(Jennifer Pace)
This page contains links to web sites that focus on disability and technology.
(Jennifer Pace)
This page I thought was particularly interesting because it is a Special Education Teacher's Chatboard so it has the teacher's point of view and all of them working together to help their students.
(Jennifer Pace)
This page is the site for the "National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through Technology, Media, and Materials" and has quite a bit of helpful information.
(Jennifer Pace) (brandi renfro) (brandi renfro) (brandi renfro) (brandi renfro) (brandi renfro)

This 20-page workbook is designed to introduce assistive technology to teens. It provides simple text with worksheets they can complete to help them be more active participants in the selection and use of AT. (Beth Weed)
Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI) AT Tools and Forms (Beth Weed)
Resource for younger students and teachers. Includes picture dictionaries, resources on many thematic topics in many languages, graphic organizer printouts. (Beth Weed)
Resources for gifted students with special needs. (Beth Weed)
LD OnLine's multimedia section. Here you will find videos about learning disabilities and related topics. (Beth Weed)

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