Lesson Plan Templates

In your groups, find and locate examples of lesson plan templates that can be used for the Instructional Unit. Be prepared to choose the one and describe what you like about it.
Put your group's content area in ( ) at the end of each template.


These are some lesson plan ideas and templates I found.
-Kelly Conner(Social Studies)

This is a comprehensive site that includes not just lesson plan templates, but a copious amount of other helpful information for teachers.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators|Laura Stager

This is a website that our district is asking our grade level to pilot. Unfortunately, it is password protected, but I would be more than welcome to show it at our next class meeting. It is www.eduphoria.hpisd.org.

| Kathy's Site

This template can be saved online, it also has a place to list websites that were useful in the lesson. Online template (Math/Science)

What I really liked about this page is that you could just type your lesson plan directly into this website, click a button and then have a nice print-out. Check it out: Teach-nology.com (Gaines Greer, Language Arts)

This is a good site for incorporating writing into core classes. I found several ideas at this site that teachers can use for Theatre and/or Language Arts - MelindaL http://www.readwritethink.org/ (Language Arts)

I really liked some of the ideas I found on this site! They are creative and many are for Language Arts - MelindaL http://www.education-world.com/a_tsl/archives/ed_tech.shtml (Language Arts)

I like how this site has lesson plans divided. It's very user friendly. Most of the lesson plans I looked at were very detailed. The Math Forum Saralyn Miller

This is a great site to find lesson plans for beginning readers. It also tells you which software and other multimedia you can use for the lesson, i.e. KidPix & digital camera http://ereaders.scps.k12.fl.us/plansk.htm ~D.Tuquero-Gustafson (Early Childhood)

This website had a lot of business education lesson plans - for a variety of business classes!
(Bonnie McCown, Business Education)

Here are five sites with lesson plans from every subject area K-12. PBS Teacher Line has lots of great resources:
http://www.lessonplans4teachers.com/ Lesson Plans for Teachers
http://teachers.net/lessons/ - Teachers.Net
http://www.lessonplanspage.com/ - Hot Chalk
http://www.pbs.org/teacherline/ - PBS Teacher Line
http://coreknowledge.org/CK/resrcs/lessons/K.htm - Kinder Lesson Plans
(Brenna Rivas, Early Childhood)

The first place that I found a Lesson Plan Template that I really liked was actually Google!
The lesson plan template even has a "verification" section which I thought was a great idea!!
Also you could list your modifications in the "notes" section
Also, I found some really good Social Studies Lesson Plans on a California State University at Northgate website. They even have activities where teachers and students act out the situations that lead to famous Supreme Court decisions!
Kristin Rosi

I used this website a lot during the summer session to find some really good ideas for lesson and unit plans for English/Language Arts. It allows you to search according to specific topics, and I really have found it to be helpful.
Jill Ledbetter

This website is awesome if your content is Language Arts! It has almost any other you can think of and it provides you with all sorts of information from background info or bio info on the book and/or author but also has help with lesson plans and crafting assessments for that particular author or book.
(Jennifer Pace, Language Arts)

I found this great website for elementary math. It has great lesson plan ideas for various math topics and you can look at K-5 or break it down by K-2 and 3-5. I really liked that they are all submitted by teachers and you can interact with other teachers on the site.
(Yvette Grenz, Early Childhood)

I found this website for high school social studies. It is all about how the events before the 19th amendment and how the 19th amendment got passed. It has some great activity suggestions that keeps the class interacting with the teacher and the lesson plan.
(Jennifer Counce, History/Social Studies)

Business Education

The following are some good sites for business education. Including keyboarding, personal finance, economics, etc.)

http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/bluewebn/index.cfm (Library of Blue Ribbon Learning sites on the Web. Has links to several sights)
http://practicalmoneyskills.com/english/at_school/teachers/ (Great practical money skill lessons by grade level; Pre-school to college)
http://lessonplans.btskinner.com/keybrd.html (Keyboarding exercises for BCIS)
http://www.tea.state.tx.us/tchrtoolbag/CurRes_BusEd.html (various BCIS, economics, personal finance ideas)
(Lisa Cheyne, Business)

I found this lesson plan web site from a mention in our textbook, I went to go check it out and it has a ton of lesson plans! From social studies to english, math to art, even Health!
(Sarah Bianco, English)

The lesson plan templates that I use are the ones provided by HPISD. It is called eduphoria. It is an online, password protected website. So far it is very user friendly. I am able to create templates for my different classes and type in my lessons for the week. I can then print them to word. The TEKS are also listed on the side and you can just drag them over your plans. That way you can see what TEKS you have taught in a given six weeks! Very nice! You can also add videos or any other resources that you would use in a lesson.
-Megan Parks

Here are some detailed for new teachers. go to lesson plans on the link…..
|lesson plan template
Kelly Matula, ESL

Here is another template from Microsoft….|Microsoft lesson plan
Kelly Matula, ESL

A website that is packed with lesson plan templates, games, word wall ideas, themed/seasonal units is
Edhelper.com |Jaime Cooper(Math and science)

We use several resouces from Discovery Education including the aforementioned United Streaming. Along with the videos, there are lesson plans, worksheets, projects that are engaging and TEKS related.
Discovery Education | Jaime Cooper (math and science


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Good templates for everyone…especially new teachers because some are very detailed….|Lesson plan template

Here is one from microsoft too…|Microsoft Lesson Plan template

This one is a little more specific, but helps you to remember everything that Chapter 4 discussed.Lesson Plan page|Laura Stager

This website seemed good for lesson plan templages [http://www.lessonplans4teachers.com] - I hope it is helpful. ~Kristen Wallace

I also found this site for K-6 teachers. [http://www.busyteacherscafe.com] ~Kristen Wallace

My templates are listed under my personal page. (Hillary Halford)

Business Education - Lisa Cheyne

One more template…I modified a template give to the M.Ed with certification students during the Design & Assessment of learning class. Please see attached.

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