Math and Science

These are a few resources we use for math and science:

Brainpop offers short videos followed by a quiz. You need a subscription to use regularly, but visitors are able to watch one video per visit.
brainpop | Jaime Cooper

TEA is now announcing the official launch of the TAKS interactive study guides. The interactive study guides can be accessed by going to this link:
TAKS Interactive Study Guides | Jaime Cooper
No password or login name is needed to access the guides.

Webccat is a TEKS based website used to create assessments for different subjects.
Webccat | Jaime Cooper

Study Island is an interactive tutorial program for various subjects which incorporates tutorials with instructional games. The software program requires the purchase of a subscription.
Study Island | Jaime Cooper

This is a weather site that tracks the current hurricane as well as move the map and see other storms. You can also see the projected path once the storm hits land.

Storm pulse | Jaime Cooper

I like to check out Promethean Planet for flipcharts that have already been created. There are listed by subject, topic and grade level. Flipchart Webite, Hillary Halford

For either short segments or full-length videos that explain concepts in all subject areas, check out this web site. I find it very useful for illustrating concepts that are hard to explain.
United Streaming |Laura Stager

Another great web site that helps students in Enchanted Learning. While I use it only for science, it works for all subjects as a great resource tool.
Enchanted Learning|Laura Stager

In the beginning of the year I use this tutorial to explain to the students how to use a triple beam balance.
Triple Beam Balance Practice|Laura Stager

This site allows you to put the moon phase module on your web site. We look at the moon phase every day, so it is helpful for my students to access to update their moon charts, especially if they have been absent.
Moon Phases|Laura Stager

This web site features shows like Mythbusters that you can download and watch entire episodes. I used these at the end of the school year. My students loved seeing science in action in real world settings. Discovery|Laura Stager

Wasn't sure where to put this link, but this lesson plan template reminds the instructor of all the specifics discussed in chapter 4. I find that I often skip these "little steps," but it's a good reminder to stop and consider all these specifics.lesson plan template|Laura Stager

I like how this site has lesson plans divided. It's very user friendly. Most of the lesson plans I looked at were very detailed. The Math Forum Saralyn Miller

The worksheets that are offered also offer the answers, so it would probably be best if these were done in class. I was thinking these would work as a filler for other students when the teacher needs to work with specific groups. Free Math Worksheets(Saralyn Miller)

I am taking the first MMT course this semester, and I came to a problem on my homework that required me to know about isosceles triangles. Well, it's been a few years, so I hopped on the internet and found a cute math kids site that gave me the answer I was looking for. Math is Fun (Saralyn Miller)

This website has a variety of tools you can use in teaching math, i.e. a problem generator, printable graph paper, etc. It's called classroom tools and templates. (Melinda Kirk)

Here is a website with quite a few lessons by topic. It also has many lessons that connect math to other subject areas. (Melinda Kirk)

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