This site is great for technology basics, as well as how to integrate it into curriculum:
This is a general link that provides several sites to help teachers with technology:
This is a great resource for Elementary Teachers:
This is a timeline of the history of computers:
This site is intended for use with journalism, but it gives detailed instructions on manipulating various types of media and presenting it:
(Yvette Grenz)

Here are some things I found!

Technology Education Conference site
International Society for Technology Education (casey myers)

Podcasting(casey myers)

Promethean Board- (casey myers)

Videos in the Classroom- (casey myers)

Technology for Teachers- (casey Myers)

While looking around I found two really great sites! (Kristin Rosi)
This is a great website that has a bunch of great resources for when you take a classroom to the computer lab! There is even a a fun game that kids can play to learn the rules for the computer lab! Its Hangman! (Kristin Rosi)
This site is also great for anyone who is having computer troubles! There is free help, an open forum, a tips section, and a technology term dictionary! I have a feeling I will be visiting this site very often! (Kristin Rosi)
This is also a great website for easy technology help! It offers a chat room and a quick search tool for easy trouble-shooting! (Kristin Rosi)
This is a great website that will teach you how to use powerpoint! It uses slides and easy terms! (Kristin Rosi)
This is another great website that has tips for teachers who want to start using powerpoint in their classroom!
This link will take you to a bunch of articles about different ways to teach with technology.
(Gaines Greer)

I don't think I saw this website in any of the postings below. It looks like it has resources for all subject areas. [] ~Kristen Wallace

[] ~Kristen Wallace

[] ~Kristen Wallace

[] ~Kristen Wallace (Kelly Conner)
These websites has a little bit of everything!
(Kelly Conner)
great website for integrating techonology
(Kelly Conner) [desormeaux] [desormeaux] [desormeaux] [desormeaux] [desormeaux] (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson),NotJusttheCoolNewThing/6060 (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson) (Tuquero-Gustafson)

Encyclopedia for computer technology (Saralyn Miller)

The history of computers: Click on the year and you have instant information. (Saralyn Miller)

A glossary of computer terminology (Saralyn Miller) (Saralyn Miller) (Saralyn Miller)

I have trouble with the Technology Terms, here are terms for teachers and a website for students:
Technology Terms (Hillary Halford)
Technology Terms for Students (Hillary Halford)

Fun Educational Videos. They also have "how to…" videos to introduce teachers and students to softwares like Garage Band: (Melinda Lively)

I had no idea that Google had an educator's page! The second link takes you to classroom activities for 6th-12th including podcasts, videos, and pdfs. (Melinda Lively) (Melinda Lively)

"How To…" articles for help with many tech education quandaries, from assessment to blogging: (Melinda Lively)

Free site to learn how to create Podcasts! (Melinda Lively)

Glossaries of Computer Terms
-Megan Parks

General help and support with all Microsoft Office programs:
Learn the language of the Internet – glossary of terms and explanation of jargon:
Basic computer terminology:
Understanding computer hardware:
Understanding computer specifications:

~Brenna Rivas

A website that has articles which tell how to use different types of technology from cameras to wireless Internet, etc.:

This website has great information on different software, how to remove malware, etc.:

This is another free tech support help website:

This is a free tech support forum that covers many topics including Spyware, Malware, Virus Issues, Windows, Microsoft, Linux, Networking, Security, Hardware, and Gaming:

Another support forum for all types of technology issues:

**Melinda Kirk


This is a great web site for teaching children and adults alike the history of the computer.|Laura Stager

This web site helps teach children all they need to know about the Internet, from searching, researching, safety etc.|Laura Stager

First time learners will need this web site:
Beginner web site|Laura Stager

For beginner keyboarding:Keyboarding web site |Laura Stager

Here, students can learn about Paint and other programs.|Laura Stager

Here is a website that has smartboard lesson plans….
board lessons
Digital media in classrooms….cameras, podcasting
|Digital media in the classroom
this is the digital kids club and has activities on digital movie making and digital photo use in the classroom…
|kids club
Kelly Matula
great website for computer terms. definitions are very easy to understand. (brandi renfro)
great site for powerpoint presentations for each subject and grade level. love this site!! (brandi renfro) (brandi renfro)
this site has great resources for integrating technology into math lessons. (brandi renfro)
great site that has several resources for integrating technology into the classroom. (brandi renfro)
i absolutely love this site!!! it gives great technological resources and lesson plans for each subject.

This site offers a daily technology tips from messenger services to how to blog and develop your blog. It's fascinating and overwhelming all at the same time! (Sarah Bianco)

This site offers lesson plans that help the students with their technology skills! It is easy to follow along, and it offers helpful tips to the teachers who are teaching it! (Jennifer Counce)

This site also looked helpful in that a site that helps teach you how to integrate technology into the classroom. It has links for teachers, students, and the community! (Jennifer Counce)

This is a list of great lesson plans that involve technology, some of them are lessons to teach and others are lessons in technology for teachers. There is a wide variety.
Tech Lesson Plans (Hillary Halford)

This is a list of technology tools for teachers. Links and a description of each tool is provided.
Tech Tools for Teachers (Hillary Halford)

This is a list of tools for teachers to use technology in the classroom. The format is easy to read and links are provided.
Technology Resources for Teachers (Hillary Halford)

I found a few terminology and one Wiki resource that may be of help. Please see below. - Terminology (Lisa Cheyne) Terminology (Lisa Cheyne) Terminology (Lisa Cheyne) Terminology (Lisa Cheyne) - Creating a Wiki (Lisa Cheyne)

Here is an article supporting the use of technology within the classroom. (Jennifer Counce)

Here is a website that offers consultations about your own web projects. It says that they are helpful with web projects of all kinds and sizes. I thought it might be useful whenever I have to begin my own projects. (Jennifer Counce)

I also found a website that answers questions about wich technological tools are most helpful to students with learning disabilities. I thought it might be useful when I have a diverse classroom of my own, and I want to be aware of the best methods available to provide for my students. (Jennifer Counce)

Here is a website that is all about integrating technology in classrooms of all ages. I've been struggling to think of ways to do that so this is a pretty incredible website and has links to everything you can think of! This lady has done her homework!
(Jennifer Pace)
Half way down the page on this one is a collection of cheat sheets and how to's concerning computer definitions or programs that I thought were really helpful.
(Jennifer Pace)
Not sure, if I saw this is the lists of sites already posted here, but this next website is pretty awesome. Its made just for teachers and has a great section on integrating technology into the classroom.
(Jennifer Pace)
Here is a fantastic website with answers to all sorts of computer and tech questions!
(Jennifer Pace)
Here is a site about using wikis in education including sites on how to create and integrate them.
(Jennifer Pace)

Basic computer informationTechnology Basics | Cooper
Information about the basics of assistive technologyTechnology basics for assistive technology |Cooper
Computer buzz wordstechnology basics | Cooper
Museum of technologytechnology basics | Cooper
History of computerstechnology basics | Cooper

This site has sample lesson plans, blogs, and more about technology integration.
(Jill Ledbetter)
This site has tips and tons of links about technology in the classroom.
(Jill Ledbetter)
This site has links for workshops about technology in the classroom, sample lessons, articles, a blog, and more!
(Jill Ledbetter)
(Bonnie McCown)
How to do a video podcast:
(Bonnie McCown)
An article about how to begin integrating technology into teaching:
(Bonnie McCown)
Tips for using technology in the classroom:
(Bonnie McCown) helps integrate technology into the classroom by offering online tools and resources.
(Bonnie McCown)

Check out this transcript from a very informative online chat from Education Week: (Sarah Bianco)

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